AlphaBee and SAAAC have a combined close to 40 years of extensive experience serving our community and working with children and youth with ASD. Both agencies have a well-established service collaboration within the social services community, delivering valuable and effective clinical services. We share the same principles and values: service excellence and valuable outcomes for those we support.


SAAAC has received recognition for developing extensive community outreach programs and supporting under resourced communities and newcomers. AlphaBee is committed to service excellence through clinical expertise, accessibility and a creative, forward thinking approach to service delivery. AlphaBee has recently launched alphabeePRO, a training platform for a broad range of learners and caregivers.


With a clear focus on learning outcomes, the trusted team of therapists at AlphaBee and SAAAC offer an individualized approach for children with autism and their caregivers, to unlock learning potential. Using an approach targeting social communication skills delivered through online and in-person training, children with autism stand to gain improvements in joint engagement, play skills, communication and emotional regulation. The JASPER model has substantial evidence to support its effectiveness as a caregiver mediated intervention with children with ASD. Caregivers/parents will be taught by therapists who are receiving rigorous training from the experts from UCLA who developed the JASPER intervention model.


We launched our a new website, Early Connections Autism Services with its registration portal specifically for the Caregiver Mediated Early Years Program,  as a way to bring together the SAAAC families and AlphaBee service community and to welcome new families to our service  pathway through a streamlined process .


Please do not hesitate to contact us via our registration form, email us at, or phone us at 416-367-5968. We look forward to providing services to your family.